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Notice of 23.11.2014: The first 5 years - an anniversary publication

When I more than 5 years ago received the first calls to share my knowledge and experience about parrots in human care on the Internet, I had no idea that it would develop into a website with so many visitors. Since the start on 23rd December 2009, there have been an average of over 1,500 visitors to this website every single week, corresponding to a total of well over 400,000 visits at the time of writing. It is a number of visitors that many small and medium-sized businesses would envy, and it must be an indication that I have hit a need in certain people to know more about parrots. On the basis of the high number of visitors, I have also been invited on a few occasions to place "banner advertisements" on, but I have refused each time. I think that far too many websites today are "drowning" in commercial measures. On this website, there must therefore only be a focus on content, i.e. dissemination of knowledge and experience, and it is not something that I want to make money from.

Having a website like this has brought many positive and surprising experiences, including:

  • Inquiries from daily newspapers such as JyllandsPosten and Ekstra Bladet, which, with a background in, have found it interesting to write about having parrots as a hobby in our time.
  • Numerous inquiries from aviculturists around Europe (although at this point is only was written in Danish), including Sweden, Norway, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy.
  • If we go outside Europe, there have been inquiries from, among others, Greenland, USA, Egypt, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Israel, Pakistan and South Korea. The latter was an inquiry from the zoo in the country's capital, Seoul, who wanted to buy parrots from me.
  • A number of Danish bird associations have asked for permission to publish selected articles from in their own member magazines, i.a. Helsingør Fuglevenner (North Zealand Bird Association), and many more.
  • Since the summer, selected articles from have also been found in the Landsorganisationen Danske Fugleforeninger's (National Association of Danish Bird Associasion’s) member magazine, Dansk Fuglehold.
  • An article has also been published in Norway on the "Tropefugl-Gruppen" on Facebook.
  • In addition, one of the articles on has just been published in the European parrot magazine, Euro-PARROT International.
  • Finally, a number of my photos of lovebirds have been used in the publication of articles in the Belgische Vereniging Agaporniden's (BVA's) member magazine, AGAPORNIS.

In addition, I have received countless inquiries from all over Denmark, partly from aviculturists, including prospective aviculturists, who have wanted to ask me specific questions (which I always answer directly), partly from other interested parties, such as via the website's former guestbook has wanted to praise or comment on some articles, including some of Europe's leading specialists in Lovebirds (Agapornis).

It is a great pleasure for me that has reached so far over the years and has obviously been an inspiration and joy for so many.

As you know, the website's content is further developed as time and desire allow, and these are also the guiding principles on which the website will be based in the future. There can therefore be a longer time between publication of the larger articles, as it often requires a great deal of research as well as the processing of several years of records and notes from own experiences and – of course – preferably accompanied by some good photos. The goal is to create articles and notices about parrots of high credibility for people who really want to know more about parrots, so that these birds thrive in the best possible way in human care.

In conclusion, a big thank you must go to's many loyal readers, and at the same time I look forward to the website's 10th anniversary.

Notice of 23.12.2020: A milestone has been reached .....


.... now more than 800,000 hits (views) on since the start 23rd December,2009.


Jorgen Petersen

Conceived/Updated: 23.11.2014 / 15.01.2024