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Let me introduce myself.

My name is Jorgen Petersen (in Danish Jørgen Petersen). I live near a very small village, Ordrup, in the middle of the island of Zealand, approximately 65 km west of Denmark's capital, Copenhagen.

Since I was a little boy, I have kept and bred parrots. The essence of my collection was originally African Lovebirds (genus Agapornis), but later also a great variety of other large parrots and parakeets. It is the knowledge and experience from here, I would like to convey along with information about other interesting species that I have not yet had, but am greatly interested in.

This website is a non-commercial hobby website, which provides knowledge and share experiences about the keeping and breeding of parrots (belonging to the order Psittaciformes) in human care (read: captivity).

The aim is, based on the birds' natural living conditions,

  • that we jointly become better equipped to create the most optimal conditions for our parrots, and
  • to encourage aviculturists to work purposefully for the conservation of species-pure birds (at the subspecies level) through systematic breeding and thus secure the future of the birds, as it typically no longer always is possible to import parrots from their countries of origin.


The more we know about the different species habitats and behaviors in nature, the better we will be able to meet the birds' needs in a protected environment. This is the reason why I have put a particular emphasis on describing the birds' habitat and behavior and status in the wild.

This website is the site of specialized and nerdy parrot enthusiasts who want to keep and breed parrots with a natural behavior under natural conditions. Hence, the website does not provide instructions on the handling and care of single living (tamed) pet birds, as parrots are social beings that in nature either live in pairs or in groups. In addition, for animal ethical and animal welfare reasons, hand rearing of baby parrots has been discouraged or even restricted by public authorities in several European countries. Furthermore, hand-rearing of parrot chicks has already been banned by law - and made a criminal offense - in a few foresighted European countries.

Since its inception on December 23rd, 2023, has been an overwhelming success, averaging over 1.500 visits each week from interested readers.

The articles present both in-depth descriptions of selected parrot species, and issues of more general importance for birdkeepers.

You will find articles about a number of parrot species that I either have - or have had - or maybe just have a special interest in. You can read articles about a lot of parrot species and – when they are present – their subspecies. General topics include articles on e.g. health, aviary conditions and good advices when buying parrots. The topic of colour mutations is treated only to a limited extent.

Under the subtab, "For sale", you can sometimes find some of the birds that I offer for sale, which are typically chicks of own breeding.

The website is built up successively as what time allows, and every now and then.

Originally this was a purely Danish-language website, but over time, several articles from 2021 have been written in English, as they are aimed at specialists and nerds. So now it has been decided, with few exceptions, to gradually change the website's status to an international website with English as the communication language from 2024. However, a number of the website's original articles and publications are still in Danish and are reserved for Danish readers and these will successively be provided with a Danish flag.

Happy reading!

Jorgen Petersen

Conceived/Updated: 23.11.2014 / 10.01.2024