Birds for sale / Vögel zu verkaufen / Vogels te koop / Fugle til salg

At intervals I offer juvenile birds of own breeding from my parrot collection. These birds will most often be advertised for sale on recognized websites in Europe, but sometimes you will also find the birds that I have for sale under this tab:

The following birds are currently for sale:



0.1 Golden parakeet

(Guaruba guarouba).

A beautiful and flawless female, chipped, own natural breeding from 7/2023 with natural behaviour. With breeding certificate, DNA and CITES certificate as well. From a bird collection clinically testet for various infectious diseases. Selling for aviary conditions only and to a future life with one or more conspecifics. Only serious inquiries please.


Jørgen Petersen, Denmark

Mobile phone/WhatsApp: +45 5193 5280




4.0 Western Red-faced Lovebird

(Agapornis p. pullarius).

Surplus birds, beautiful and flawless, two with closed rings, two with open steel rings, from two different bloodlines; own breeding '23 from a collection of birds clinically examined for various infectious diseases. Alternatively, I am interested in a possible exchange with 1 - 3 female birds; e-mail for more info, serious inquiries only; resident in Denmark; no shipment.


Jørgen Petersen, Denmark

Mobile phone/WhatsApp: +45 5193 5280


IMPORTANT! General information about buying parrots from me:

I exclusively sell naturally bred (i.e. parent-reared juvenile birds) with a natural behaviour from my own breeding facilities. I attach great importance in selling flawless birds of excellent quality. However should a single bird not meet these requirements, it will be sold at a reduced price.

Only juvenile birds that appear to be healthy and fit are sold. All the birds come from a bird collection which is regularly checked by a veterinarian specializing in bird diseases. All my juvenile birds originate from parent birds that have been clinically tested negative for a number of serious infectious bird diseases, including Avian Borna Virus (ABV)/Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD), Avian Polyoma Virus APV), Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) and – of course - Chlamydia psittaci via PCR both through blood, feathers and cloacal swab. When serological tests are available, the birds are also usually tested based on these methods for the same diseases.

In addition, my entire bird collection is on a daily basis handled strictly according to written Best Practice processes and routines, which aim to systematically prevent diseases and the possible spread of diseases (serious buyers can ask for more details about the content of these processes).

It is possible - for free - to be put on a waiting list for several parrot species (which species will be disclosed on request), and if you wish to be put on the waiting list, please contact me.If you definitely want to reserve one or more birds, a deposit must be paid in connection with this.

Please note that I do not send or ship parrots to other countries. If you want to buy birds from me, they must be picked up at my place in Denmark (located approximately 65 km west of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark). When buying parrots of my own breeding, the necessary papers such as:

  • Purchase agreement,
  • A specially developed Care and Feeding Guide,

  • Breeding certificate and, if required
  • DNA gender test,
  • CITES certificate,

as well as food that the bird is used to, for 1 week's consumption, are naturally included.

Best regards,

Jorgen Petersen

Conceived/Updated: 23.11.2014 / 04.06.2024